Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance

Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance

Autore: Action Institute

Data: 16/09/2013

Ore: 0:00

Luogo: Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance - Via Sallustiana 62, Roma

Tematica: Credit

Description of the event:

Credit Crunch urgently forces to make a number of considerations on how to remove the higher cost of financing due to country-risk, how to efficiently monetize banks’ assets linked to SMEs while reducing their cost, and how restart the credit flow to the real economy.
Action Institute, together with the forum Idee per la Crescita (www.ideeperlacrescita.it), wants to deliver a proposal that starts from the experience of the “Fondo di Garanzia” and allows to leverage on European structural funds to guarantee banks’ SMEs portfolios, hence facilitating a capital relief and their refinancing from the BCE.
The goal of the meeting is to start a discussion on this topic between regulators, operators on the financial sector and experts, in order to reach a shared project that defines the step of the implementation of the solution.


Carlotta de Franceschi, Presidente Action Institute
Stefano Visalli, Responsabile Area Credito di Action Institute e Director McKinsey&Company
Fabio Panetta, Vice Direttore Generale della Banca d’Italia
Roberto Nicastro, Direttore Generale Unicredit
Aurelio Regina, Vice Presidente di Confindustria per lo Sviluppo Economico e per l’Energia
Fabiano Schivardi, Professore di Economia LUISS Guido Carli, EIEF
Luigi Guiso, Axa Chair Professor of Household Finance EIEF
Type of the event: restricted

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