Il Salone del Risparmio

Il Salone del Risparmio

Il Salone del Risparmio

Autore: Salone del Risparmio

Data: 27/03/2015

Ore: Tutto il giorno

Luogo: Università Bocconi - Via Roentgen, 1, Milano

Tematica: Credit

Description of the event:

This conference is the first module of the course “Finance and development, tools and solutions for economic growth”, credited for four hours in mode B of EFA regulation. To get the credit you must also participate at the conference “Finance and Development, the investing impact in favor of the real economy”

Andrea Cabrini, Director of CLASS CNBC
Carlotta De Franceschi, Economic Advisor to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and President of Action Institute
Maria Bianca Farina, CEO at Poste Vita
Miguel Poiares Maduro, Minister for Portugal Area Development
Roberto Reggi, Director of State Property Administration
Klaus Wiener, Chief Economist at Generali Investments Europe S.p.A. GSR

Type of the event: open

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