InnovAction Life Sciences

InnovAction Life Sciences

Autore: Action Institute

Data: 22/09/2014

Ore: Tutto il giorno

Luogo: Palazzo Unicredit - piazza Gae Aulenti, Milano

Tematica: Innovation

Description of the event:

InnovAction is a project which will investigate, through a series of round tables, three economic sectors: Digital, Tech/Clean Tech and Life Sciences. The objective of this series of round tables is to get insightful recommendations and suggestions from some of the most successful Italian entrepreneurs who already experienced the difficulties of their industries, on their way toward the success.
Action Institute will further elaborate these emerging contents in order to produce policy briefs, position papers and articles in order to suggest to the Government possible ways to boost the Italian competitiveness. This second round table of InnovAction will be focused on the Life Sciences.
Mario Caria, International Director of Sofimac Partners
Carlotta de Franceschi, Co-founder and President of Action Institute
Laura Iris Ferro, Founder of Gentium
Paola Garibotti, Responsible of Country Development Plans Unicredit
Ugo Grondelli, Founder of Spindial Group
Fabrizio Landi, President of Toscana Life Sciences Foundation
Antonio Leone, Bellco Chairman
Francesca Pasinelli, General Director and board member of Telethon Foundation
Giuseppe Prisco, Italian Angels for Growth
Nicola Redi,Investment Director Vertis
Renato Ridella, Partner of A. T. Kearney
Stefano Rimondi, President of Assobiomedica
Elizabeth Robinson, Investment Director area Venture Capital Quadrivio SGR
Guido Romeo, Data&Business Editor, Wired Italia
Diana Saraceni, General Partner and Co-founder 360° Capital Partner
Alessandro Sidoli, President of Assobiotec
Lorenzo Tallarigo, Chief Executive Officer Genextra
Type of the event: reserved, dinner members only
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