Think tank e formazione: esperienze a confronto

Think tank e formazione: esperienze a confronto

Think tank e formazione: esperienze a confronto

Autore: Istituto Bruno Leoni

Data: 30/01/2020

Ore: 18:00 - 20:00

Luogo: Istituto Bruno Leoni (IBL) - Piazza Castello 23, Milan


Event description:

On 30th January, the new Go To Think Tank Index Report produced by the University of Pennsylvania will be released: the international ranking of think tanks. On the same day, the Bruno Leoni Institute is organizing a seminar that will take the Report as a starting point and discuss the current role of think tanks and schools of political education.

The 2019 Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTI) marks the fourteenth year of continued efforts by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania to acknowledge the important contributions and emerging global trends of think tanks worldwide. Our initial effort to generate a ranking of the world’s leading think tanks in 2006 was a response to a series of requests from donors, government officials, journalists, and scholars to produce regional and international rankings of the world’s preeminent think tanks. Since its inception, our ongoing objective for the GGTTI report is to gain an understanding of the role think tanks play in governments and civil societies. Using this knowledge, we hope to assist in improving the capacity and performance of think tanks around the world.

Since 2006, the ranking process has been refined and streamlined, and the number and scope of the institutions and individuals involved have steadily grown. The process, as in past years, relies on a shared definition of public policy research, analysis, and engagement organizations, a detailed set of selection criteria, and an increasingly open and transparent nomination and selection process. As part of the nominations process, all 8,248 think tanks cataloged in TTCSP’s Global Think Tank Database were contacted and encouraged to participate in the nomination and ranking process. In addition to over 68,191 journalists, policymakers, public and private donors, and functional and regional area specialists on TTCSP listserv were invited to participate and over 3,974 fully or partially completed the nomination and ranking surveys. Finally, a group of peers and experts was asked to help rank and review the list of public policy research centers of distinction for 2019.

To refine and validate the generated ranking lists, TTCSP assembled Expert Panels comprised of hundreds of members from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Additionally, new media—the website and social media presence—helped us communicate and disseminate information about criteria for this year’s Index to a wider audience (please see “Methodology and Timeline” for the complete set of nomination and ranking criteria, and “Appendices” for a detailed explication of the ranking process). Given the rigor and scope of the nomination and selection processes, the rankings produced thus far have been described as the insider’s guide to the global marketplace of ideas.

The event will take place in the headquarters of the Istituto Bruno Leoni in Milan (Piazza Castello 23). Alongside the vice director of IBL (Serena Sileoni), Marco Meloni (Director of Scuola di Politiche) and Luciano Capone (journalist for Il Foglio) will be attending, as well as our President Carlotta de Franceschi, who will be a speaker.

The event is open and the registration form is available at this link.

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