Gender gap: not just a matter of quotas

Author: M. Ceron e A. Zarra

Date: 14 April 2015

Type: Other

Topic: Human Capital


A common metaphor used to describe gender gaps is that of a “glass ceiling” preventing women from reaching the top of the ladder. However that can be a misleading image to portray a the career path of women, often filled with obstacles at all levels. What are the causes of this phenomenon and what the solution which level the playing field? What are the latest progresses in this domain? Important questions related to a challenge – gender parity – we cannot afford to fail, as it is crucial for the whole society which cannot forgo the full contribution of women.


Let me remind you that credit is the lifeblood of business, the lifeblood of prices and jobs.

Herbert Hoover


Good health is essential to social and economical development and it empowers all of the public sectors.

World Health Organization


Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

Peter Drucker

Human Capital

Talent is a source from which water flows constantly renewed. But this source loses its value unless it is properly used.

Ludwig Wittgenstein