Brexit Special Luglio 2018

Autore : Action Institute

Data: 18-07-2018

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Tematica: Action Institute

Two years after the referendum which enshrined the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, several issues remain unresolved: will the Uk seek a hard or soft Brexit? Does it imply the departure from the Eu Single Market in any case? Will the British government introduce stricter rules on migration policy? How will Brexit affect European integration in the field of security, defence and cooperation?

At a critical time for British politics, following the resignations of David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, and Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Action Institute provides a broad overview of the Brexit challenges facing the Uk and the Eu.


Politics and negotiations

At-a-glance: The new UK Brexit plan agreed at Chequers (BBC, 7 luglio 2018)


A Brexit Deal is still not achieved (Bruegel, 13 July 2018)


European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018


The EU (Withdrawal) Bill receives Royal Assent (Department for Exiting the European Union, 26 June 2018)


How a soft Brexit differs from a hard one (The Economist, 25 June 2018)


Europe’s Brexit: a successful outcome of negotiations for all? (London School of Economics Blogs, 14 June 2018)


What kind of Brexit do voters want? (BBC, 4 July 2018)


Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns (BBC, 9 July 2018)


Boris Johnson resigns as Foreign Secretary following Theresa May’s Chequers Brexit deal (The Independent, 9 July 2018)


U.K. Labour Open to Brexit Referendum If May’s Deal Fails (Bloomberg, 10 July 2018)

Trump Says May’s Brexit Plan Could ‘Kill’ Chances of U.S.-U.K. Trade Deal (The Wall Street Journal, 13July2018)


As May’s Government Teeters Over Brexit, Trump Gives It a Shove (The New York Times, 12 July 2018)



UK creates new ‘settled status’ for EU citizens after Brexit (Financial Times, 21 June 2018)

The effect of Brexit on the Uk’s social care sector (EU Policies, 11 June 2018)


Post-Brexit Migration Policy (Oral evidence, Home Affairs Committee, House of Commons, 26 June 2018)


Brexit: May won’t rule out special rights for EU citizens (BBC, 7 July 2018)


How will Brexit affect the social security rights of EU migrants in the UK, and how the social protection of EU staff?(London School of Economics Blogs, 26 June 2018)


Finance and Business

The impact of Brexit on investment bank operations and technology (EY, 5 June 2018)$FILE/EY-The-impact-of-Brexit-on-investment-bank-operations-and-technology.pdf


Brexit clouds UK financial sector mood (Reuters, 2 July 2018)


Brexit impact on investment banking in Europe (Deutsche Bank Research, 2 July 2018)


London’s fight to remain a financial hub after Brexit (Bloomberg, 17 April 2018)


Two years in, Brexit is hurting the UK (CNN Money, 22 giugno 2018)

Brexit Impact: Foreign investment projects see 26% fall in UK in 2017(Business Standard, 9 luglio 2018)


 Jaguar Land Rover’s £80bn UK investment plan at risk after hard Brexit (The Guardian, 4 luglio 2018)


German businesses ‘reluctant’ to invest in UK over Brexit uncertainty (The Guardian, 5 luglio 2018)


Security and defence


Brexit, defence, and the EU’s quest for ‘strategic autonomy’ (European Council of Foreign Relations, 25 giugno 2018)


Brexit and European Security (Royal United Service Institute for Defence and Security Studies, febbraio 2018)


The proposed shape of the Government’s engagement post-Brexit (Uk Parliament, 8 giugno 2018)


 MI5 chief calls for close security cooperation with Europe after Brexit (, 14 maggio 2018)


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