FABRIZIO LANDI is a current member of the Board of Directors of Finmeccanica S.p.a, Menarini Diagnostic, Firma and Silicon Biosystemm, companies of Menarini Group, based in Florence. He is also member of the Scientific Committee of of El.En company. In 2015 he founded Panakes Partners SGR spa, an investment company focused on Venture Capital in Life Sciences markets. Since May 2014 he is President of Toscana Life Science, a technological biotech accelerator and Life Sciences promotion Foundation based in Siena. He is also Vice-President of Fondazione ricerca e imprenditorialità.

Landi started his professional career in the Bayer Group, as Marketing Manager Engineer of the Life Science Instruments Department at Miles Italiana.
In 1981 he moves to the Ansaldo Group in Genoa, where he had responsibility for the Strategic Marketing Plan for the biomedical project. Since 1984 he has been part of the management of Esaote, an industrial initiative based on the experience of the Ansaldo Group, where he has held various positions up to the role (from 2006 to 2013) of Chief Executive Officer and General Manager.

Fabrizio Landi is President of Retimpresa, agency of Italian Confindustria for the development of Networks of enterprises, of the Board of Directors of Confindustria South Tuscany and of Confindustria Florence.

Landi was born in Siena in 1953 and studied bio-engineering at the Politecnico di Milano.


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