de Franceschi (Columbia University): “La città smart parte dall’istruzione”

Improving the university education system and making it more competitive internationally. These, according to Carlotta de Franceschi, professor at Columbia University, president and co-founder of Action-Institute, are the keys to promote the digital conversion of the economy in a city. It was discussed today, during the Genoa Smart Week.

«In Italy a Mayor should fill the existing gap in the education system, starting to put university rectors under pressure so that there are no science faculties with a limited number of enrolments. It is necessary to create fixed number of places in universities at the level of humanities: we increasingly need graduates in mathematics, physics, engineering, etc. In addition, there are many funds available and many fail to turn into work: this is why it is important to provide more scholarships for students who want to pursue this type of career.

A major problem in Italian universities is the lack of generational change. In Genova, for example, retired teachers continued to teach for a year (free of charge) to make up for the lack of courses: «As in many other sectors, a long-term perspective is needed. Italy has not been able to understand what skills and professionalism the university needed at the level of teachers. Ours is the great Country of literature, but also of mathematics and science».

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