Aspen Seminars for Leaders

Aspen Seminars for Leaders

Aspen Seminars for Leaders


Data: 11/10/2019 - 13/10/2019

Ore: Tutto il giorno

Luogo: San Clemente Palace Kempinski - Isola di San Clemente, Venezia


Description of the event:

Managing a complex and globalized world requires today’s leaders to “know more”. In the face of the quantitative and qualitative growth of knowledge, the Aspen Seminars for Leaders – the European adaptation of the American Aspen Executive Seminars – represent a unique tool for increasing skills and information and offering the breadth of perspectives essential for meeting the strategic challenges in a hyper-competitive world.

The Seminars are an important meeting for the executive class. They are highly participative and interactive contexts for cultural and professional updating: in addition to the exchange of ideas on strategic issues, they aim to strengthen the interaction of the leaders’ different working and personal realities. They do not provide pre-packaged answers but aim to offer a sort of free agora for reflection, which is more necessary than ever in a business world that has to deal daily with often contradictory interests, values, and cultures.

The themes that will be explored in the Aspen Seminars for Leaders 2019 are five: the data-driven society; industry at the center: competitiveness and the new industrial triangle; the tourism industry: culture, environment, innovation, and development; rethinking the healthcare Ecosystem; national identities in the local dimension.

Action Institute, with its President Carlotta de Franceschi, will participate in the event.

Type of event: reserved
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