“Reprendre Confiance”

"Reprendre Confiance"

“Reprendre Confiance”

Autore: Université des Gracques

Data: 21/11/2015

Ore: 8:00 - 18:15

Luogo: 5Ème Université des GRACQUES - 9, place d'Iéna - 75016 , Parigi

Tematica: Economy and Society

Description of the event:
Action Institute, with President Carlotta de Franceschi, partecipates at the annual Conference “Reprendre Confiance”, that for security reasons due to the recent terrorist attacks have been moved from the original location Political Affairs Institute (Science Po ‘), organized by the Université des Graques, in Paris.
Marie-Laure Sauty de Chalon, CEO AuFeminin.com
Yann Algan, Professor of Economics, Dean of the School of Public Affairs at Sciences Po’
Gilles Babinet, Digital expert for France to the European Commission
Rachid Benzine, Islamic researcher at the Institute of Political Studies in Aix-enProvence
Emmanuelle Duez, Co-founder Higgs Project and President of WoMen’up
Hakim El Karoui, Founder of Club XXI Century for the Diversity
Carlotta de Franceschi, President of Action Institute
Alexandre Lacroix, Writer, Editor of Philosophie Magazine, Professor at Sciences Po Paris
Franco Bassanini, President of CDP, special adviser to the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
Pervenche Berès, President of the French Socialist delegation and MEP
Guillem Gervilla,President of the Young Republicans Reformists, Co-organizer of the General Assembly of Youth 2016
François Heisbourg, President of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, special adviser to the Foundation for Strategic Research
Ana Palacio, Member of the Spanish Council of State, former Foreign Minister of Spain
Sharan Burrow, Secretary General of the International Trade Union Confederation
Ryad Boulanouar, Founder of Compte-nickel
Jean-Baptiste de Foucauld, former Commissioner of Planning and co-founder of the “Solidarity new face of unemployment”
Agnès Verdier Molinié, Executive Director IFRAP
Jean-Louis Borloo, ormer minister and former President of IDU, President of the Foundation “Energy for Africa”
Gérard Collomb, Senator, Mayor of Lyon
Enrico Letta, former Italian Prime Minister, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations at Sciences Po (PSIA)
Robert Rochefort, vice president of Modem, MEP
Emmanuel Macron, Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital
Type of the event: Reserved

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