Webinar discussion: “Capitalisation of SMEs: the state of art”

Webinar discussion: “Capitalisation of SMEs: the state of art”

Webinar discussion: “Capitalisation of SMEs: the state of art”

Autore: Federazione Banche Assicurazioni e Finanza (FeBAF)

Data: 27/07/2020

Ore: 15:00 - 17:00


Tematica: Credit

Description of the event:
“Given the 2018 financial statements, the latest available on the total system, the Cerved 2019 report shows that in the last year SMEs have strengthened their assets by about 8% compared to a “miserable” 3.9% of Large Enterprises. Another interesting fact is the growth in the last decade of the capitalisation of SMEs, which have gone from an index of 100 in 2007 to 163 in 2018 against 144 for large companies. In short, it would seem that small enterprises have been more courageous in recent years than large ones, but this is certainly not enough.


In fact, the starting point is so low that, again from the Cerved 2019 report, for the indicator of strongly undercapitalised companies, i.e. those in which financial debts exceed twice the net worth, in 2018 undercapitalised SMEs were 17.4% of the total (we are talking about over 730 thousand companies).
But the most striking fact is that Large Enterprises even have a higher percentage, i.e. one in five large enterprises is heavily undercapitalised.”


This exposition by Stefano Cocchieri is the starting point of the Webinar organised by Federazione Banche Assicurazioni e Finanza (FeBAF).



Carlotta De Franceschi, President of Action Institute

Giovanni Maggi, President of Assofondipensione

Mauro Marè, President of Mefop



Stefano Cocchieri, Advisor FeBAF Working Group on Smes.


The webinar will be held Monday the 27th of July at 3 pm on Microsoft Teams in Italian.

Please register by replying to this email (info@febaf.it) by 17.00 on 26 July 2020.

Please visit FeBAF website for further information  (link).

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