I ‘think tank’ più influenti del mondo, centri studi che orientano le politiche dei governi e le opinioni della gente

The University of Pennsylvania’s 2017 Global Think Tank Index, released in March, analysed the most influential thin tanks in terms of impact on government policies and civil society opinions. The power of research centres has been assessed on the basis of factors such as:

The commitment of leadership, productivity and the experience of the staff, the quality of the analyses carried out

The impact on policy makers and the reputation in the world of political decision-makers, measured through, among other things, meetings with government officials, the use of documents and reports by the political community, the number of current and former employees serving in advisory roles for policy-makers

The ability to reach the public through the media and to bring about changes in people’s quality of life.


The most influential think tanks in Italy:

The Institute for the Studies of International Politics (ISPI) arrived in 46th place of the general ranking, followed by the Institute for International Affairs (IAI) in position 48th. The Global Think Tank Index 2017 also includes the Bruno Leoni Institute in 131st position, the Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation (FEEM) in 147th, the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change in 155th and the International Studies Centre (CE.S.I.) in 164.

In the ranking of the best think tank for profit, the European House Ambrosetti (TEH-A) is in 19th place, in that of the think tank affiliated to a party, the Italian Foundation is in 25th place. Among the most influential think tanks on environmental policies there is the Italian International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG), founded in 2009 at the 63rd position.

Action Institute is present in several secondary rankings. The “Action Tank” is independent and consists of professionals who dedicate themselves on a pro bono basis, with the aim of relaunching the competitiveness of the Italian System.


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