Passion for policy

The common thread of de Franceschi’s path is the commitment on economic themes from Action lnstitute to Arca Fondi, passing through institutional roles.

“If I have to identify a common thread of personal and professional experience so far, the first thing that comes to mind is the passion for policy and for Italy,and the desire to contribute to the debate on economic policies to improve the condition of our country”. Carlotta de Franceschi is among the most prominent women in the world of finance and institutions. She graduated in business administration at Bocconi, with an MBA at Harvard University, and worked in the most prestigious business banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, before founding the think tank Action Institute. She was also an economic adviser during the Renzi government. She sits on the boards of Arca Fondi Sgr, Banca Sistema, Tas and Centro Oncologico di Aviano.

Why did you create Action Institute?
After spending several years abroad, I felt the need to commit myself personally to Italy. This non-profit think tank was created to share diversified skills, with professionals of the highest level who make themselves available to pro bono institutions, to develop practical and feasible proposals for economic policy. There is a huge challenge before us, and it is of a generational nature. Italy must recover its values and civic sense, resume a collective and long-term vision, roll up its sleeves, have the courage to shake off rents of position and privileges, and think about future generations.

Rising star of finance, but with a humanistic inclination…
Finance is not just numbers, but revolves around people’s decisions. In financial services, certain choices have very important consequences. The centrality of ethical and competent leadership is fundamental to the health of a financial system.

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