Special Covid-19 Series, Issue #13

This is the thirteenth issue of the Action Special COVID-19 Series that Action Institute is publishing to provide an overview of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, in which the effects of the virus are approached from different perspectives: from medical

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Next Generation EU: an interpretative guide

On May 27, 2020, the European Commission launched Next Generation EU, a proposal that represents the turning point to overcome the economic crisis induced by the pandemic shock. In this Policy Brief, Marco Buti and Marcello Messori analyze its structur

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The groundbreaking novelties of the Franco-German proposal and the misuse of the abacus

On May 18, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron presented a Franco-German proposal for the European Recovery Fund. The content of the initiative is disruptive and would represent, if it were adopted by the Union, a decisive step forward towards the constr

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Are Italian banks part of the crisis or its solution this time?

The Italian banking system has already been affected by the 2011-2013 European crisis and even before the pandemics it clearly showed some fragilities. In this Policy Brief, Marcello Messori analyzes the weaknesses of the system, the effect that the pa

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The EU response to the coronavirus crisis: How to get more bang for the buck

Professor Bordignon and Professor Tabellini argue that the EU should be guided by the subsidiary principle when designing the common response to the new coronavirus. During this crisis, it means issuing very long-term debt. endowing the new EU Recovery

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La pioggia della liquidità vada alle imprese che hanno davvero sete

To better deal with the current economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, Action Institute President Carlotta de Franceschi proposes expanding the audience of beneficiaries of the liquidity provided by the government to include two categories of compa

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The European response to the Covid-19 crisis: A pragmatic proposal to break the impasse

Professor Roberto Perotti, considering the likely rejection by core countries of the proposals made by periphery countries, argues that they would be able to implement policies with their own resources, together with limited support from the ECB. This

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Preventing the death by suffocation of the enterprise system

A proposal to provide emergency liquidity to businesses affected by the CoronaVirus. In the next weeks and months, businesses of all sizes will experience a vertical fall in orders, revenues and profits. In the face of this situation, which is already

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Between finance and technology: global trends and best practices to leverage fintech and digital payments as a driver for development – Last Quarter News on Fintech and Banking trends from the United States

Banks seek Congress’ help to block fintech path to ‘industrial’ charters (Roll Call, 3/20/19) The Independent Community Bankers of America are seeking to block FinTechs from receiving FDIC insurance if they obtain Industrial Loan Charters. [Banks and d

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Between finance and technology: global trends and best practices to leverage fintech and digital payments as a driver for development – Reading list

In the latest years, technology has been rapidly transforming the financial sector, affecting all those entities gravitating around it. FinTech has been thesubject of an evolving landscape with growth driven especially by the payment segment. Such a di

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Between finance and technology: global trends and best practices to leverage fintech and digital payments as a driver for development – Material for the Discussion

In the first 6 months of 2018 global investments in FinTech – across Venture Capital, Private Equity and Strategic Acquisitions – were exceptional and driven by two massive deals: the $10 billion acquisition of the e-commerce payment company WorldPay b

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Action Policy Digest-December 2018

  Organized as a monthly newsletter, it presents an overview of the current international policy debate. You find below a selection of the best ideas from the most influential think tanks, structured in four areas: (i) Finance, (ii) Innovation and Deve

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Inward Greenfield FDI and Patterns of Job Polarization

In this article, written by Dr. Pietro Moncada Paternò Castello on behalf of the European Commission, the topic of the polarization of the labour market in Europe as a result of Greenfield foreign direct investments (FDI) is discussed. The paper highli

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Save Investors, Not only Banks!

Oltre 15 miliardi di risparmi bruciati fra azioni ed obbligazioni subordinate e 300 mila risparmiatori colpiti dalle crisi bancarie, che si sono succedute da Novembre 2015. Anche ieri sulla questione Banche Venete, Fabio Panetta, il Vice di Bankitalia,

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Savings Management

The Italian context is characterized by a low rate of participation in managed savings products compared to other European countries: only 9.3% of Italian families own social security products and 6% hold investment funds. Savings management also has s

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The credit outside the banks

At the frontier of the peer-to-peer lending In more and more countries, the Peer-to-Peer lending model is emerging as a useful basis for the access to financing by businesses and individuals, and as an interesting source of income for retail investors.

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Fall in oil prices: an oversupply caused by various factors

Dal picco di 2 euro al litro di qualche anno fa, i prezzi della benzina si sono normalizzati tornando a oscillare tra 1.30 e 1.40 euro al litro. Queste fluttuazioni, seppure più visibili agli occhi dei consumatori, sono soltanto un epifenomeno di impor

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From Harvard competitiveness lessons for Europe

Dopo molti anni di profonda crisi economica, l’Europa sembra aver imboccato il cammino della ripresa. Secondo il World Economic Forum questa timida crescita è dovuta quasi esclusivamente alla politica monetaria e si raccomanda l’attuazione di riforme s

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Overcoming the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Two bailouts and a debt to GDP ratio amounting at 177%. The Greek debt crisis, which officially initiated the European sovereign debt crisis in late 2009 / beginning of 2010, is still far from a solution, after more than five years. T

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Asset Backed Securities: a better solution for Europe

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Credit is vital to Eurozone firms. SMEs create 80% new jobs and fund 80-90% through bank loans. But banks are not lending: they cut over €600bn of loans to non-financial firms since the crisis, 12% of the initial stock and twice the s

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Formal Parliamentary Hearing Held at the Finance Commission (VI) of the Chamber of Deputies

Fact-finding analysis on: “The fiscal and financial tools that can support growth, given the most recent solutions adopted in other countries”. Action Institute shows how to re-activate the credit-flow to SMEs and cut their costs, by means of a systemi

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Credit Enhancement Proposal

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The present note contains a proposal aimed at improving access to credit for Italian small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The reason of the proposal lies in the fact that the interest rate differential between loans to Italian compani

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Let me remind you that credit is the lifeblood of business, the lifeblood of prices and jobs.

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Good health is essential to social and economical development and it empowers all of the public sectors.

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Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

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Human Capital

Talent is a source from which water flows constantly renewed. But this source loses its value unless it is properly used.

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