Action Special – French Presidential election 2017

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Data: 03-04-2017

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France will elect its new President of the Republic between April and May. Less than a month before the presidential elections, Action Institute presents all the essential information to understand the elections and its implications in France and Europe.
General overview

French elections: how does it work? (Bloomberg, Fouquet and Dodge, 13/03/2017)

Why does this election matter? The powers of the French president (Jonathan Masters, Deputy Editor, 01/02/2017)

Who are the candidates? (The Financial Times, Hannah Murphy and Aleksandra Wisniewska, 31/01/2017)

Who promises what? (The Financial Times, Hannah Murphy, 20/03/2017)

The economic situation: what will the winner have to deal with? (The Financial Times, Hannah Murphy and Valentina Romei, 09/03/2017)

Understanding the electorate: the youth and the Front (The Financial Times, Michael Stothard, 18/03/2017)

Who’s leading the race? – poll tracker – (The Financial Times)

Why is this election a one like no other from a political perspective? (The Financial Times, Tony Barber, 10/03/2017)

What is happening with the Left Side?

The first split in the Socialist Party: Macron (CER, Charles Grant, 20/03/2017)

Macron and the temptation of bypassing the traditional left/right divide (French & German) (Delors Institute, Henrik Enderlein, 15/02/2017)

Macron and the construction of a new left (LSE, Susan Milner, 06/02/2017)

The second split in the Socialist Party: Valls won’t support his party’s candidate (The Financial Times, Michael Stothard, 14/03/2017)

(Judicial) affairs

Fillon under formal investigation (POLITICO, Pierre Briançon, 01/03/2017)

Fillon and the temptation of populism against the judges (POLITICO, 13/03/2017)

Macron suspected because of his past as a banker (POLITICO, Cynthia Kroet, 14/03/2017)

Le Pen and the misuse of European parliamentary funds (POLITICO, Giulia Paravicini, 21/02/2017)

The stakes

What is at stake in the French election? (Bruegel, Jean Pisani-Ferry, 15/04/2012)

The outcome of the French election: a potential systemic impact for the EU (The Economist, 04/03/2017)

Marine le Pen and the financial hazard of the sovereign debt (The Financial Times, Thomas Hale, 01/03/2017)

The perspective of Frexit and the arguments of the far-right (Bruegel, Grégory Claeys, 10/03/2017)

The roots behind growing populism in France (Bloomberg, Sophie Gaston, 17/02/2017))

One more thing…

If you wish to follow the French presidential election on a daily (in English), this should provide you an accurate insight of the everyday news:


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