Between finance and technology: global trends and best practices to leverage fintech and digital payments as a driver for development – Last Quarter News on Fintech and Banking trends from the United States

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Data: 29-04-2019

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Banks seek Congress’ help to block fintech path to ‘industrial’ charters (Roll Call, 3/20/19) The Independent Community Bankers of America are seeking to block FinTechs from receiving FDIC insurance if they obtain Industrial Loan Charters. [Banks and digital challenges]


More regional banks may merge to meet tech challenges (American Banker, 3/19/19) A big reason for regional and community banks to join forces has been to develop technology that will help them compete in today’s digital banking world. [Banks and digital challenges]


Investors should encourage a resurgence of local community banking (CNBC, 3/16/19) Community banks are the lenders of choice for small businesses and their shrinking numbers create opportunities for investors to start new ones.


LendingClub Eyes National Bank Status (Politico, 3/18/19) LendingClub is considering filing an application with the OCC to become a national bank.


Why are FinTech’s getting a regulatory pass? (American Banker, 3/12/19) FinTechs should be subject to the same level of regulatory scrutiny as other lending institutions, especially as they become a larger part of the market. [Fintech]


Can Citi and Chase beat FinTech’s at their own game? (American Banker, 3/8/19) Banks like Chase and Citi are now hitting back at FinTechs with their own personal loan offerings. [Banks and digital challenges]


Apple, Goldman Sachs Team Up on Credit Card Paired With iPhone (WSJ, 2/21/19) Apple will also develop tools in its Wallet app that will help borrowers track their financial health. [Banks and digital challenges]


FinTechs Continue to Drive Personal Loan Growth (SeekingAlpha, 2/21/19) TransUnion’s Industry Insights report shows that personal loan balances grew by $21 Bn to $138 Bn in Q4 driven by FinTech issuers. [Lending]


It’s a platform planet. Can banks adapt to it? (American Banker, 1/31/19) Banks have also been diversifying by developing technology-enabled platforms that allow companies to offer white-labeled banking products. [Banks and digital challenges]


Fed should open the payments system to fintechs (American Banker, 1/24/19) An op-ed argues that the Fed should allow FinTechs access to the payments system and require regulatory oversight in order to receive such access. [Fintech]


Millions of bank loan and mortgage documents have leaked online (, 1/23/19) About 24 Mn mortgage-related documents have leaked online from Ascension, a data analytics company. [Banks and digital challenges]


Fintech firms want to shake up banking, and that worries the Fed (Reuters, 1/14/19) The Fed is wary of allowing FinTech firms into the payments system as officials fear that these firms lack robust risk-management controls and consumer protections that banks have in place. [Fintech]


Fintechs may finally win charter chase in 2019 (American Banker, 1/9/19) There is a multi-pronged effort to provide a national regulatory swim lane to FinTech firms or a viable multi-state licensing alternative. [Fintech]


Fintech funding reaches new high (American Banker, 1/9/19) Venture capital investments in FinTech companies in 2018 rose by 39% YoY to $11 Bn. [Fintech]


Lending Startup Affirm to Test High-Interest Savings Accounts (Cheddar, 1/9/19) Affirm is the latest FinTech lender to offer deposit services, advancing towards its mission of re-inventing banking.  [Lending]


Why banks shouldn’t make online banking too easy (American Banker, 12/27/18) A paper published at Georgia Tech argues that friction in lending allows borrowers to make smarter decisions. [Lending]


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