Innovation without corporate R&D? An analysis of the Italian case and implications for policy

Autore : Pietro Moncada-Paternò-Castello

Data: 05-10-2016

Tipo: Other

Tematica: Innovation


Investment in research and development (R&D) is an important driver of innovation and sustainability. Additionally, the European Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard is a telling indicator of a nation’s commitment to financing initiatives that foster growth. In Italy, the current economic context and R&D-led difficulties have contributed to a stagnation in structural features and trends. Our expert Pietro Moncada Paterno’ Castello and Nicola Grassano analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data to better understand the underwhelming amount of innovation investment in Italy compared to the rest of the EU. The article closely monitors the symptoms of under investment in R&D in Italy, and provides answers to the following questions:

How can we explain the innovation gap between Italy and the EU systemically and structurally?
Why have certain policies failed to improve the innovation environment in Italy? What features should newer policies have to change this trend?
What other strategies (besides new policies) can be implemented to improve investment and consequently the condition of Italian businesses and enterprises?


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