Skills Mismatch in Italy: analysis and policy choices within a rapidly changing setting

Autore : Francesco Galletti, Francesco Gualdi

Data: 04-12-2017

Tipo: Other

Tematica: Human Capital

Among the most discussed policy issues now are changes in the labor market and how to face such changes in the most efficient way possible.


In this new setting, characterized by technological innovation, growing automation and industry 4.0, business models in every production sector are deeply changing. This change requires an analysis of the competences that workers are required to have in order to face it. This topic is particularly relevant in the Italian case, and it is often associated to a skills mismatch problem, i.e. a gap between workers’ actual skills and those required by the labor market.

Action Institute wants to propose an analysis of the labor market situation and of the main causes of the skills mismatch in Italy. Furthermore, the Action Tank aims at proposing policies through which such gap can be filled.


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