Welfare, l’ex consigliera di Renzi: “Spesa pubblica avvantaggia gli anziani. Italia fanalino di coda per mobilità sociale”

The paper by Carlotta de Franceschi, founder of the think tank Action Institute: “A Country based on pensions. And the income of individuals remains linked to that of parents much more than in the European average. Social security benefits should be linked to contributions”.

After the crisis, the expenditure incurred by Italy to combat unemployment has increased considerably. But the distribution of this expenditure was unfair: in 2013 only 18% of the total 30 billion spent on the financing of active labour policies was also for the benefit of young people. The remaining 24 billion were devoted to passive policies that supported unemployment of permanent workers, from which young people were often excluded. The result is that the indicator that represents the correlation between the income of an individual and that of his parents and that assumes values between 0 and 1, in Italy is 0.5 against 0.323 of the European average. This was highlighted in a paper published on the 12th September by former Economic Councillor of Palazzo Chigi Carlotta de Franceschi, founder of the think tank Action Institute whose scientific committe consists of Guido Tabellini (ex rector of Bocconi University), Alberto Alesina and the Nobel Prize in Economics Michael Spence. The report is entitled “A Past Weighing on the Future. The intergenerational divide that threatens European countries”

In the appendix de Franceschi recalls the proposal of the President of Inps Tito Boeri, according to which pensions must be linked to contributions by imposing a “solidarity levy” on those not justified by the money paid during the years of work.

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